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Castle of Cagliostro

Japanese Title: Rupan Sansei: Kariosutoro no Shiro
Jacket Color: Green
Running Time: 100 minutes
Release Date: 1979 Decemeber 15
DVD Releases
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Lupin's search for the source of the legendary counterfeit "Goat Money" leads him to the small country of Cagliostro. While fixing a flat tire on the side of the road, Lupin and Jigen are passed by a beautiful girl being chased by a group of thugs. Lupin naturally rushes to the aid of the pretty girl and saves her from a nasty fall over a cliff.

The girl turns out to be the Princess Clarisse soon to wed the Count of Cagliostro. The Count is seeking to find the lost treasure of Caglistro and needs the Princess's ring to do so. Can Lupin rescue the Princess, find the counterfeit money, and find the lost treasure? And just what is his secret past with both the Count and Clarisse?

It has long been rumored that the film was prized by Cannes Festival critique; however, the Cannes festival archives have no record or mention of the film. Chris Meadows has recorded a fantastic commentary track for this film. I guarantee that it will point out something about the film you did not know.


  • Director: Miyazaki Hayao
  • General Supervisor for Designs: Yasuo Otsuka
  • Design Chief: Yasuo Otsuka
  • Character Design: Miyazaki Hayao
  • Character Design: Yasuo Otsuka
  • Screenplay: Miyazaki Hayao
  • Screenplay: Yasuo Otsuka
  • Music: Oono Yuuji
  • Production: Studio Telecom


  • Arsène Lupin III: Yamada Yasuo
  • Jigen Daisuke: Kobayashi Kiyoshi
  • Mine Fujiko: Masuyama Eiko
  • Ishikawa Goemon: Inoue Makio
  • Inspector Zenigata: Naya Goro