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Farewell My Beloved Lupin


Japanese Title: Saraba Itoshiki Lupin yo
Air Date: 1980 October 6

An armored robot flying through the skies of 1981 Tokyo raids a jewelry store, demonstrating truly amazing capabilities, and disappearing no one knows where. Lupin's announcement is, what's strange about me using a robot like this? The operator, Oyamada Maki, is cooperating in order to show what a dangerous weapon this robot is, but the truth is, the whole thing is a conspiracy. Thieves love peace!

This episode is the eleventh animated by Studio Telecom, and the second to be written, directed, and storyboarded by Miyazaki Hayao, under the pseudonym of Teruki Tsutomu (the first being episode 145, "Wings of Death - Albatross"). Also, the last line of this synopsis comes from the original working title of this episode, "Doroboo wa Heiwa o Aisu." Broadcast in stereo.

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