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The Combat Magnum Scattered in the Wasteland


Japanese Title: Kooya ni Chitta Combat Magnum
Air Date: 1979 September 3

The loot this time is the single Hannibal coin, which is in the Duchy of Blanco. Hidden within it is the site where the hero Hannibal buried his war chest, but Jigen, who was late for a duel five years ago due to unavoidable circumstances, chooses instead the road that leads to the showdown with his enemy, Stoneman. The time for the border closing is near. When the duel begins, Jigen's Magnum isn't in his holster. What is Lupin up to?!

This episode was the fifth episode animated by Studio Telecom, done as the pilot for stereo broadcast. Part of the stereo effect is that the opening and ending sequences were re-recorded, with sound effects added to the opening, and the album version of the ending theme substituted. Also, not every episode from here on is in stereo.

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