Japanese Title:
Rupan Sansei: Honou no Kioku ~Tokyo Crisis~
Jacket Color:
Release Date:
1998 July 24
Run Time:
90 minutes


When a strange set of photographic plates makes its way into the hands of a famous art dealer in Tokyo, it's up to Lupin to steal them. But this time, it seems that he may have to do it alone. Or will he? Goemon and Fujiko team up and put a deal on the table that Lupin may be forced to take.

Following Lupin every step of the way is Inspector Zenigata. He is so focused on his target that he tends to forget his department's deal to allow a journalist named Maria to tag along with him. However, there may be more to her and the photographic plates than anyone knows... or even begin to fathom.

Crisis in Tokyo Poster
Arsène Lupin III:
Kurita Kanichi
Jigen Daisuke:
Kobayashi Kiyoshi
Mine Fujiko:
Masuyama Eiko
Ishikawa Goemon:
Inoue Makio
Inspector Zenigata:
Naya Goro
Toshiya Shinohara
Oono Yuuji
Music Director:
Seiji Suzuki
Recording Director:
Hitoshi Kato
Sketch Director:
Satoshi Hirayama
Sketch Director:
Yoshihauri Shimizu
Sketch Director:
Takashi Sano
Art Director:
Takashi Miyano
Film Director:
Hajime Hasegawa
Hitsuhisa Tsufuchi
Assistant Producer:
Hiromichi Oishi
Character Design:
Satoshi Hirayama
Mechanical Design:
Yoshihauri Shimizu
Executive Producer:
Toshio Nakatani
Executive Producer:
Hiroshi Yamashia
Executive Producer:
NTV, Lupin 3 Producing Comittee
Kyokuichi Tokyo Movie Shinsha