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Bye Bye Liberty Crisis

To settle down with a woman he loves, Lupin attempts to steal all the computer files compiled about him. For once, Zenigata foils Lupin's plan, and to add insult to injury, the woman Lupin loved has left him and taken all his money. Half-heartedly, Lupin agrees to help Jigen score a large diamond, but a boy named Michael keeps following them around asking for Lupin's help.

The diamond has been hidden somewhere in the Statue of Liberty, and Lupin decides to steal the whole Statue in order to find it. If stealing a national landmark was not trouble enough, Lupin finds himself the target of a mysterious cult who also seeks the diamond. What is the connection between the diamond, the cult, and the persistent Michael?

Hemingway Papers

A bloody civil war is the setting for Lupin's latest caper; the leader for one of the factions holds documents written by Earnest Hemingway and contain the location of a remarkable treasure. With Goemon and Jigen fighting on opposite sides of the war, Lupin must tackle this challenge alone. As the war rages on, can Lupin secure the treasure and keep Goemon and Jigen from killing each other?!

Napoleon's Dictionary

While Lupin does enjoy racing for the sport of it, the prize in an antique car grand prix across Europe is Lupin's only goal. The prize is a dictionary that once belonged to Napoleon. More importantly, the dictionary was also once owned by Lupin's family and contains the location of one of his family's most prized possessions. Lupin does not know what the possession is, but it is a matter of family pride. With the usual suspects on his trail, can Lupin outrace everyone to the treasure?!

From Russia with Love

A horde of lost Romanov gold has turned up in San Antonio's Bank of Liberty, and Lupin aims to add it to his collection. Aiding him in his larceny is Jigen, Fujiko, and Judy Scott, an expert on the Romanov family. Unfortunately for Lupin, the legendary mystic monk Rasputin is also seeking the gold and has managed to convince Goemon to do his bidding. Can Lupin outwit and outrun Rasputin, Rasputin's henchmen, Goemon, and the New York mafia to claim the gold?!

Voyage to Danger

Cornered in a building, Lupin is given the shock of a lifetime; Zenigata has been pulled off the Lupin case permanently. A rather drunken Zenigata informs Lupin of the news personally and reveals that his new assignment is to track down a group of illegal arms dealers known as "Shot Shell". Lupin decides to steal Shot Shell's profits and is surprised to have Zenigata join forces with him.

ICPO has given a vicious ex-mercenary named Keith one mission -- bring Lupin in dead or alive. With danger lurking in every corner of the map, Lupin decides to use a nuclear submarine as bait for his plans. Can Lupin find Shot Shell and relieve them of their financial burden before Keith relieves Lupin of his life? And what secret past does Karen, a beautiful Russian scientist, and Jigen share?

Dragon of Doom

Hong Kong crime lord Chin Chin Chu wants to hire Lupin, Fujiko, and Jigen to recover a gold dragon statue from the wreckage of the Titanic. Lupin is intrigued as it is the same statue that his grandfather attempted to steal right before the Titanic sank. However, Lupin refuses to work with Chu and vows to retrieve it and his family pride on his own.

With help from Kikyo, a childhood friend, Goemon also seeks to maintain his family's honor by ensuring no one, even Lupin, gains the statue. Who will be able to hang onto the statue and learn its secrets?

The Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure

Three statues hold the key to finding the eight billion dollar treasure of Harimao. Having acquired one of the statues, Lupin finds himself an unlikely ally of retired British agent Lord Archer and his granddaughter Diana. Only Archer knows where to find the remaining figure, but the Neo-Himmel group seeks the treasure to fund their own plans. Who will claim the riches of Harimao?!

The Secret of Twilight Gemini

A dying man hands Lupin a mysterious diamond known as "Twilight Gemini". It is one half of a larger diamond that holds the secret to a buried treasure. The search for the other half and the treasure leads Lupin and Jigen to the deserts of Moracco. Fujiko's attempt to seduce the diamond from Lupin is interrupted by Sadachiyo, an effeminate, whip-wielding villain.

The search for the treasure becomes more complicated as Lara, a beautiful rebel leader joins Lupin, and Goemon seeks only revenge against Sadachiyo. When will the Gemini twins meet and reveal their secret?!

Island of Assassins

Its Lupin's greatest challenge yet as he goes toe to toe with the mysterious and deadly inhabitants of an island that doesn't exist on any map -- the Island of Assassins.

The "Tarantulas" are the most fearsome gang of assassins on the face of the planet. But, in order to solve a dark mystery from his past, Lupin must lower himself into the heart of the spider's lair! Can Lupin fight an assassin army, steal their fabled cache of gold, find a cure for an "incurable" poison, and get the girl, all at the same time? One thing is certain, with Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko along for the ride; it's going to be nonstop adventure as the gang tries to escape the Island of Assassins!

Crisis in Tokyo

When a strange set of photographic plates makes its way into the hands of a famous art dealer in Tokyo, it's up to Lupin to steal them. But this time, it seems that he may have to do it alone. Or will he? Goemon and Fujiko team up and put a deal on the table that Lupin may be forced to take.

Following Lupin every step of the way is Inspector Zenigata. He is so focused on his target that he tends to forget his department's deal to allow a journalist named Maria to tag along with him. However, there may be more to her and the photographic plates than anyone knows… or even begin to fathom.