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Dragon of Doom

Japanese Title: Rupan Sansei: Moeyo Zantetsu Ken
Jacket Color: Red
Running Time: 90 minutes
Release Date: 1994 July 29
DVD Releases
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Hong Kong crime lord Chin Chin Chu wants to hire Lupin, Fujiko, and Jigen to recover a gold dragon statue from the wreckage of the Titanic. Lupin is intrigued as it is the same statue that his grandfather attempted to steal right before the Titanic sank. However, Lupin refuses to work with Chu and vows to retrieve it and his family pride on his own.

With help from Kikyo, a childhood friend, Goemon also seeks to maintain his family's honor by ensuring no one, even Lupin, gains the statue. Who will be able to hang onto the statue and learn its secrets?


  • Director: Masaharu Okuwaki
  • Screenplay: Nobuaki Kishima
  • Music: Oono Yuuji
  • Plan: NTV, Lupin 3 Producing Comittee
  • Production: Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS)


  • Arsène Lupin III: Yamada Yasuo
  • Jigen Daisuke: Kobayashi Kiyoshi
  • Mine Fujiko: Masuyama Eiko
  • Ishikawa Goemon: Inoue Makio
  • Inspector Zenigata: Naya Goro