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Hemingway Papers

Japanese Title: Rupan Sansei: Heminguuei Peepaa no Nazo
Jacket Color: Red
Running Time: 90 minutes
Release Date: 1990 July 20
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A bloody civil war is the setting for Lupin's latest caper; the leader for one of the factions holds documents written by Earnest Hemingway and contain the location of a remarkable treasure. With Goemon and Jigen fighting on opposite sides of the war, Lupin must tackle this challenge alone. As the war rages on, can Lupin secure the treasure and keep Goemon and Jigen from killing each other?!


  • Director: Osamu Dezaki
  • Screenplay: Hiroshi Kashiwabara
  • Character Design: Noboru Furuse
  • Character Design: Yuzo Aoki
  • Music: Oono Yuuji
  • Production: Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS)


  • Arsène Lupin III: Yamada Yasuo
  • Jigen Daisuke: Kobayashi Kiyoshi
  • Mine Fujiko: Masuyama Eiko
  • Ishikawa Goemon: Inoue Makio
  • Inspector Zenigata: Naya Goro