Welcome to the Anime Video Game Resource Center!
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Welcome to the Anime Video Resource Center!

After a two year hiatus, the AVRC is back and hopefully better than ever. The AVRC is one of the largest sources of information on anime-based video games. Take a look around using the handy navbar above and enjoy! If you do not find what you are looking for here, try these other video game sites.


13 Aug 2002
Added new Lupin GameCube game.

26 Feb 2002
Added new Gundam arcade game. I have eliminated the drop-down menus. Clicking an item on the navbar will takes you to a "Table of Contents" where appropriate.

25 Feb 2002
Added Lupin the 3rd The Typing, Ultraman arcade, Macross arcade, Macross II arcade, Gundam arcade, Sailor Moon arcade, and Ashita no Joe to the list.

6 Oct 2001
Added Lupin 3rd The Shooting to the list.

21 August 2001
Added Slayers Wonderho (Wonderful?) to the list.

1 March 2001
Complete site redesign after two years!