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Lupin's Evolution
« on: March 13, 2007, 12:08:59 am »
Click Here to check out Lupin's Evolution

I acctually started Lupin's Evolution almost a year ago (It'll be a year at the end of the Month). The site is bassically a guide to show how the characters appearance changed throughout the various Manga series, TV series, & Movies/Specials.

I just began updating again. Back in November I began adding in Images from the Movies/Specials, I did Lupin & Jigen but slacked off and never did the other 3 characters. Just today I re-vamped the site, gave it a new look and did both Goemon & Fujiko.

I used to have a Message Board, but due to lack of my putting the sites name out there, it never got active. I'll probably give a Message Board another shot real soon though.


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Re: Lupin's Evolution
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looking good
and they're serving, like...chicken... in a pan...with some... salad...and a... glass of milk? To drink?