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Re: Favorite Quotes?
« Reply #15 on: December 28, 2009, 05:37:48 pm »
Funny dialogue from Pursuit for Harimao's Treasure (when Lupin and Sir Archer are discussing how the treasure should be split)
Lupin: Now, i want you to remember i've saved your granddaughter's life more than once today. :)
Diana: And he should know that while you were busy saving me, you made sure to put your hands in places where they are NOT welcome! >:(
Lupin: You say that like it's a bad thing. ???
Diana's reaction:
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Often caught but never held for long, Lupin III brought the gentleman-thief into this century with his hi-tech antics and old-world charm.
~Helen McCarthy, 500 Manga Heroes & Villains

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Re: Favorite Quotes?
« Reply #16 on: December 28, 2009, 08:11:54 pm »
At the request of rpguidry:

Series 2

"Pretty Cluckin' Insane"
Zenigata: [after getting clocked by egg-guy's thugs]:
 "But it took four of ya, didn't it?"

And as for mine, too many to list...Oo

Tokyo Crisis
Jigen: "I hafta throw it [his tooth] on the roof."
         "Lupin-chan, what's DNA?"

Columbus Files
Jigen: "I'll be over here brushing my teeth and my gums and my esophagus."

Island of Assassins
Lupin: "My ears are burning! Ah you must be the maitre d'."
Elen: "You talk about trust, but you're full of lies."

Crisis in Tokyo
Zenigata: "Did her father give her up?"
              "Wait, I'm with you guys!"
              "Don't be so stubborn. I'm not a cop anymore, Lupin."

Series 2
Goemon: "Rats to You":  "How dare you defile the sacred chamber pot of my ancestor!"
             "A Safe Bet":   "So Fujiko, how attached are you to those hands?"
            "Hell Toupee": "Two men look out from behind the same bars. One sees the mud, one sees the        stars.
            "Sheik-Down" :"Bitch, you're screwing up your karma, you know that?"
Fujiko:    "A Safe Bet": "Nothing soothes my soul more than these haunts of ancient peace."
                               "And you were so upset that all your hair fell out."
                   Jyoutaro: "No, I just thought it would look cool."
                                 "And it does."
"But Your Brother Was such A Nice Guy": (as Elvis): "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, yeah!"
             "Christmas At Tiffany's": "So, what do you have to make a cheap slut look more classy?"
Jigen:      "Gold Smuggling 101": "Yeah mama, shake that thing for your daddy!"
              "Lupin in Paradise": "Halfway through the job he decides the REAL treasure is buried under Mt.            
              "Hell Toupee":        "Any plan that comes down to my sewing skills..."
Zenigata: "Auntie Ballistic":    "Penis!"
        "Return of Lupin the 3rd": "It's the same thing. Fine china for them, a styrofoam cup for me."
        "Gold Smuggling 101": (while picking the lock to Lupin's hotel room):
                                           "Sometimes, it takes a thief."
        ?                     (disguised): "CDs, [pirated] software, and other copyrighted materials!"
  "Beauty And the Deceased": "Now excuse me, I've got goodies to eat."
Lupin:       "Who's Vroomin Who": "You're the devil, man! You're the one who mentioned gambling!"
               "Sheik-Down": "Land of Goshen!"
                                    "But that horse laxative almost did me in."
               ?                     "I'm so pretty, you can't help it. And that's why."
              "Curse of the Jumbo Juju"  "There's a difference between spying on someone and watching over them, the latter characteristic of saints and white knights and such."
             "The Second Time Around Part 2": "They talked the whole thing over coolly and rationally and did the sensible thing. They ran like a pair of cheap nylons, screaming so high that chandeliers were exploding all the way to Tierra del Fuego."
            "Baton Death March": "Does he replace all those chandeliers every time he kills someone?!"
            "A Safe Bet":           "It was a desperate cry of a man being attacked by a fetus!"



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Re: Favorite Quotes?
« Reply #17 on: December 28, 2009, 08:26:16 pm »
Just a couple of my favorites from those wacky Pioneer/Geneon dubs, just off the top of my head--these are from "Guns, Buns, and Fun in the Sun:"

Lupin: (to prison guards watching via security camera): "Sorry, but if you wanna see me naked, you're just going to have to offer candy and cigarettes like everyone else!"

Later in same episode:

Fujiko: Got a backup-backup plan, Lupin?
Lupin: Oh, sure! Just turn around while I pull it out of the usual place!
Lupin fanfic work-in-progress: "Fun and Thieving in Las Vegas"