Author Topic: Lupin the Box TV Special BD Collection Review  (Read 2835 times)


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Lupin the Box TV Special BD Collection Review
« on: July 20, 2010, 12:45:57 am »
I went to Japan several weeks ago. I was in Akihabara, and I went into this store called Trader, and I saw the TV Special Blu-Ray box set new for only 54,000 yen ($560). It normally costs 89,900 yen (over $900 dollars). I decided to buy it since it was such a good deal. When I got back to the US and started watching it, it completely met my expectations.

The transfers for the specials are beautiful. The Green Jacket and Red Jacket Blu-Ray releases had too much digital noise reduction on them, causing the video to look unnatural. However, the transfers done for the older specials (Bye Bye Liberty Crisis to $1 Money Wars) look very natural. This time, they left the grain alone, giving it a very film-like look as it was meant to be viewed. The transfers are a huge improvement over the older Japanese DVDs, which had very bad color saturation and contrast. The newer specials (Alcatraz Connection to The Last Job) are a different case as they were made digitally. The older specials, which were made on film, were transferred at 1080p. The newer specials are in 1080i, as that is the resolution they were made at. There is definitely a noticeable improvement over the DVDs. The picture looks crystal clear, and it has better contrast. The improvement in picture quality is not as big as the older specials, but this is as good as it gets.

Now I will move on to audio. The audio for all the specials is excellent. The audio for each special was transferred in uncompressed Linear PCM Stereo. It has very good dynamic range even for the older specials.

I am currently not in town, so I will upload screencaps in a few days.


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Re: Lupin the Box TV Special BD Collection Review
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2010, 01:49:35 am »
Hey, welcome to the forums and thanks for the info! I don't understand why anything made on a computer is interlaced since a computer monitor exclusively displays a progressive image (really? Lupin vs. Conan, even, in 2009?). I know a lot of TV broadcasts are in 1080i, but c'mon, really? I fully expect they'll reissue Castle of Cagliostro at full price in 1080p proper with maybe another extra or two in a few years.

Looking forward to the screens. Thanks again!
-R. Nelson