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'Ello thurrrr
« on: September 10, 2011, 02:44:37 pm »
Hiya, everyone!  :D

I'm Fox and I've been a Lupin fan for about five years now (my intro to Lupin being Adult Swim's showing  of the Red Jacket ep. 'Buns, Guns, and Fun in the Sun'). I've read most of the mangas and the Red Jacket series and a little of the Green and Pink Jacket series and my favourite Lupin movie is 'Crisis in Tokyo' (also my first Lupin movie) with 'Missed By a Dollar' being a close second.

I love drawing and animating and can be found on DeviantART (clubLUPIN & InterpolsMostWanted FTW!) and FurAffinity. I also love listening to music and can be found almost 24/7 with headphones in my ears with my trusty iPod .

Hope to have an awesome time and long live Lupin!
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Re: 'Ello thurrrr
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Welcome to the forums!!! :D

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Re: 'Ello thurrrr
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Hi there, and welcome! ;D