Author Topic: What kind of artwork would you like to see in future Specials/OVAs/whatever?  (Read 1631 times)


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Trying to create conversation, I ended up thinking on this; a question that has been answered many times, thought.

Well, that´s it. Maybe it´d be an odd question, too.

I´ll post my opinions my opinions later, ( it´s late here ).


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Interesting question. ^^

For me, personally...I think it would be interesting to see Lupin animated by Brain's Base (Baccano, Durarara). The series' characters were kind of lanky (especially Durarara) so I think that kind of animation would go with the Lupin style. It's also kind of cartoony which helps. XD I can't even imagine what Lupin would look like in Brain's Base's style, but it sounds pretty good in theory. lol

I do like Miyazaki's style for Lupin as well, but the designs for Jigen, Fujiko, and Zenigata would have to change. I think it was Jigen's hat that drove me crazy in Castle of Cagliostro. It looked like Jigen had pulled his hat down to cover his eyes and it was stuck that way. Fujiko wasn't bad, but I prefer her as a brunette. Zenigata wasn't bad either, he just looked too young to me.  I know he is amazingly fit,

I do like Lupin's animation right now too so I wouldn't care whether or not they changed it, but it would have to change for the anime series.


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Hi. haven't posted for a while. I prefer Lupin's design from the original TV series (Hotness!) and Fujiko's (prettiest IMHO), although I prefer Goemon, Jigen and Zenigata's designs from Shin Lupin.


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I would like to see MP styled artwork like from Mankatsu, Dead Or Alive, Play The Lupin, or anything else like in the manga series. Also the same type of dark humor, slapstick, and adult sex jokes like from the manga.


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I always wanted to watch a TV special that had the "Dead or Alive" movie artwork. The 1996 TV special that came out in the same year seemed to try to imitate the same artwork with Lupin at the beginning, but then it just gave up and totally became a different mediocre artwork, which wasn't good. But then I did not like "The Secret of Twilight Gemini" that much. Yeah, Fujiko's nude scenes did not help too much. (It had the strongest Fujiko nudity among all specials...)

Anyways, I found the new Pachinko game trailer's artwork and animation was gorgeous. I would love to see next year's TV Special with such artwork.
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