Author Topic: Local Lupin III Artwork in Japan  (Read 1358 times)


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Local Lupin III Artwork in Japan
« on: November 05, 2011, 04:43:47 am »
Actually my Host Sister told me about this big Lupin III picture in my city and so I went with my host mother and we all took pictures of it :3

The J ROCK is made out of CD's. Which I thought was cool.

This place seemed like a restaurant.
I gotta love that they totally messed up the colours of Lupin's shirt and pants, as well as Jigen's stylish "green" tie. :)
I know in the picture it looks like a black tie, but it was totally green.

The last picture:
Coffee shop Rupin. My host mother pointed it out.
I know in Japan it would be "Rupan" since they don't pronounce the "lu" and the "pi" would be "pa"
but I thought it was cool so I took a picture as fast as I could.
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