Author Topic: Yoah I'm back after a slight absence  (Read 1574 times)


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Yoah I'm back after a slight absence
« on: March 01, 2012, 10:11:42 pm »
I kind of forgot about these forums over Winter . Here in Nevada we're just finally seeing signs of true winter , snow , cold, windy.
I had a sweet temp job at GameStop , and that's good since World Market saw fit to give all the hours to the xmas temps so I needed 2 jobs.
Im a new owner of the PS3 and PS Vita (which I will open on this Tuesday as my personal B-day gift) , currently playing under the PSN name : JudmentShadow and I have the new Gundam Extreme VS game which is awesome , and the new Twisted Metal . Im more active at the Gundam versus forums as Mecha Lupin , and I have a cool youtube channel you can visit and watch my old cosplay footage (some of it not even Lupin releated)     . Well believe it or not Im facing the big 45 next week , forgive me for not cosplaying this economy has been rough over the past half decade since I left California. I'd still like to someday dust off the suits , ah well I'll try to be better at keeping tabs around here. See Ya .