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Exactly, when it comes to uploading to Youtube, Vinyl and CD are pretty much equally good. So I guess a record player would be an option for me then, though I doubt I'll go for it. Record players aren't free, plus I don't really have room for one. I share an appartment and my private room only costs me 200 euros a month, so you might be able to get an idea of how small my room is, considering the price.  ;D

I actually have a class in Game Audio Design which discussed soundfiles recently and there is indeed a huge difference between lossy and loseless, but most of the sound the lossy ones ditch, can't be heard by human ears. However, although we also talked about sample rate in general, I didn't know .WAV had a higher rate than .MP3. So that's good to know.

Oh right, cassette tapes. That's actually still from my time, I forgot all about them. So I'm guessing you're going for the silhouettes of the three music media types? (Seeing as you mentioned the benefit of them all having holes.) Whatever the case, I'm sure it'll look great. And take your time, no prob. Thanks again.