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If you could write a Lupin episode/movie
« on: June 21, 2015, 03:05:14 pm »
You know how fans got to suggest ideas for a few episodes of the Red Jacket series? If there was another chance to do that for either a Blue Jacket episode or a full movie/special, what would you like to see? Let's imagine they'd accept whatever you suggest, so it can be classic Lupin stuff, or you can try something new that's never been seen in the series before.

I would like to bring back Murasaki from The Fuma Conspiracy, but since she said she wouldn't wait for Goemon, she'd be engaged to someone new. Maybe a scientist/book worm kind of guy who'd feel self-conscious about himself and whether she'd rather go back to Goemon. At the same time, Goemon would have some regrets about leaving her and wonder whether they'd be happy if he had married her after all.

There'd be some epic plot about treasure and red herrings that Murasaki's new guy is working for the villain, but in the end he'd turn out to be innocent and maybe do something brave during the final fight to prove himself. Goemon would realise the guy is right for Murasaki and leave with Lupin and the others, and the whole thing would end on a wistful note about being happy for someone else and having good friends.
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Re: If you could write a Lupin episode/movie
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2015, 05:11:11 pm »
Well, I kinda wrote episodes for 'em twice. But they didn't go the way I wanted with 'em. TMS used my crossover idea, but with Conan. And they did an entire show around Fujiko, even though I was just pranking. So I think if you come up with something clever or interesting enough, they'll go for it, 'cus they seem to be out of ideas.


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Re: If you could write a Lupin episode/movie
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2015, 11:39:12 am »
-Lupin plays a high stakes poker game to distract an evil mastermind keeping large amounts of gold hostage that he's seized as he flew around the country. The catch? It's all an elaborate trap by the US government who's been propping up the warlord and letting their shipments be captured so they could catch Lupin.

-Lupin the 3rd looks to steal the legendary Blue Carbuncle. In his way are Zenigata, Ganimard the 3rd and an entire Herlock Sholmes convention of sleuths.

-An earthquake brings a fabled city of gold full of buxom amazonian women to the surface. Lupin's in paradise! Or he would be if it wasn't an island of women who kill off their men after breeding. And if the island wasn't set to resink into the ocean with no escape soon. Ladies and Gentlemen, you can almost see Richard Epcar directing this for Geneon under the title "Man's Labryinth"

-Lupin must team up with Detective Conan one more time to steal expert crafted printing plates made by the last surviving clone of Mamo on Earth being sold to the conniving Count Cagliostro in a special linking the two movies.

-Fujiko tells a reporter the unlikely story of the only time she ever told Lupin face to face she loved him and meant it.
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