Author Topic: 2013 TVSp: "Princess of the Breeze: Hidden City in the Sky", airing Fall 2013  (Read 22675 times)


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To be brutally honest, for me, this was the worst TV special I've seen since... Secret of Twilight Gemini?

It was going OK, until the scene when the Chief was blocking all those goons with that door by himself,
when the goons had the guns to shoot through the wooden door.
That was ridiculous and there were other ridiculous scenes, like Lupin getting shot like that as if he were a total novice!
Plus, things got predictable, not just predictable that could still be fun, but really bad predictable.
And the prime minister going crazy towards the end was unconvincing...

I agree with the chief scene, that was silly; and honestly I feel as if it would have been better if
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But to say it's as bad as Twilight Gemini? That's cold... real cold.
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Ha, Twilight Gemini isn't one of the worst ones for me, middle of the road but I enjoy it. Thanks for the subs! Will watch this new one soon.