Author Topic: Let's try this thing again...  (Read 2390 times)


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Let's try this thing again...
« on: September 28, 2013, 03:34:00 am »
Long time, no see! You guys remember me, right? Y'know, the dude with Super Mario avatars that makes bad jokes and loves the original Lupin manga? I've been here since 2006, remember?

So, been out of the fandom for a bit, mostly because when I left there wasn't much discussion about the series itself. Just a lot of talk about licensing, releases, and whatnot. Nevertheless, while watching some Red Jacket earlier, I thought I'd drop by here, try to get reacquainted with the fandom again.

So, how's everyone been?
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Re: Let's try this thing again...
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2013, 06:45:35 am »
Hello doctor !

Glad to have on board again and that you're doing fine !  ;D

Personnaly, I'm fine. we just organized with many other Lupin fans, a project
of fan soundtrack with remixes and covers and also the reawaking of the fancomic

In other words, it's a pretty busy year for Lupin III fans so it's a good year.  8)
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