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« on: March 30, 2014, 02:31:55 pm »
A not-so new fan to the series itself, I'm the Lead Dealer or L.D. if you prefer. I've been watching Lupin III since the old days of the TV Specials when Dish Network still carried COLOURStv as part of their satellite television services (Remember that old channel anyone? With the Funimation Block of Case Closed, Slayers, Dragon Ball and whatever else they had? ...Anyone? *Crickets*)
Only recently had I rediscovered the series once again online with the news of "Fujiko Mine" series and the viewing of "Walther P38" and was immediately pulled by interest to delve into the series once again, this time even more deeper with Hulu and other sites to watch the entirety of the Green Jacket Series, most of Red Jacket Series, and a little bit of Pink Jacket for the flamboyant amusement (meaning watching the early episodes then skipping to the end to see how it had measured up in comparison to other series Finales. Should make for interesting topic later on in the show discussion  threads  ;) )
Can't say I'm a big fan of other anime though, the only series/movies I would consider revisiting would be Tenchi Muyo, works of Studio Ghibli, and maybe a bit of Case Closed.
That's about enough from me for now though, hope to see you guys in the forums soon!


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Re: Yo
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Welcome buddy. Hope you will have fun at this place :)