Author Topic: "Lupin the Third vs. Detective Conan" TVSp & Movie DVD Feedback Thread  (Read 2885 times)


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Hey all, these came out recently, I forget when. I worked on the subtitles and liner notes and not much else, but feel free to post your thoughts/disappointments/comments/delights on the release here!
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Re: "Lupin the Third vs. Detective Conan" TVSp & Movie DVD Feedback Thread
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Saw both of 'em at last, and for now, prefer the tv special, even though Conan's not as important to the story. Since I only caught the film on Hulu, I'll re-watch it eventually, but it just seemed like it was more gimmicky. I haven't really seen Conan, outside of Gintama and DD Hokuto no Ken parodies, but it seems like the tv special at least attempted to incorporate what works in that series into Lupin, while the movie just seemed like everyone from both universes are just hanging out for kicks. But, either way, they seemed to have viewed the Lupin gang as more of an afterthought than important to the story. What they probably should have done was just axe the supporting cast from Conan and just have the little bugger take on Lupin and his buddies himself. That ending for the tv special where Conan is in the car with the Lupin Gang is closer to that idea than the entire special itself. If you want me to be honest, I wish they started with that story, instead. Anyway, the liner notes are reliable as always, and I appreciate the trouble which went into explaining additional info for Lupin fans not familiar with Conan, and vice versa. On a related note, though, since this is a Lupin forum, I'll just mention that the Conan manga is available in English from Viz, and the show can be watched on Crunchyroll-under Case Closed. And there's this sort-of Conan spin-off/tie-in called Magic Kaito which is partly available on Crunchyroll.
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BTW, two things I should note about the movie: 1) There's a canine with a Lupin mask in the park. 2) Pycal makes a cameo in that same scene on a bench. The reason for the first item is there was this manga called Inubaka with a canine also called Lupin, and I informed TMS about it. And the second item is a long story which you can read about in this thread. But basically, I came up with a moe Fujiko as a prank, with Pycal in cameo mode. And, I guess TMS actually took that idea seriously, 'cus you can see 'Moeko' in the ending credits of the Fujiko spin-off, too.  8)

Also, I don't think it was noted, but the old lady from Babylon appears to make a cameo in the market scene. Lupin's pushing her in a cart.
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For the dog with a Lupin mask it could also be a little nod to Suzuki Jirokichi's dog named Lupin who
was rescued by Kaito Kid in a case.

I much prefered the movie to the special, as the special has a big problem of tone in my eyes. Wackiness doesn't
work well with DC characters. Almost all the DC characters are used well, particularly Sato (whose crush on Lupin is more or less canon though Lupin III is a fictional character in DC's canon) and Takagi. The exchange between Haibara and Fujiko actually gives some good character moments and is not just for questionable fan-service. The action scenes are pretty well done for such a secondary project.
Plus, the movie has the scope that a full feature needs and there is an actual confrontation
between Lupin and Conan, even if it's brief before they join forces. So in terms of pure tonal and narrative cohesion, it's superior
to the special. however the scenario is still very typical and the fact it is a sequel to the first crossover hinders it a bit.

But at the end of the day, the two crossovers are really just big goodies, they don't deserve to be judged on the same level as
other productions.
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Just noticed they probably hired the Akira animators for the bar near the end of the Lupin vs. Conan movie. >_< Also, that hitman King is probably modeled after Nabeshin. Also, since it wasn't in the liner notes, this opera singer is probably the inspiration for the name of one of Emilio's handlers.

Edit: Also, for the younger Lupin fans, the FBI agent 'Jodie Starling' is a reference to the character Jodie Foster played in Silence of the Lambs, Clarice Starling. And ANN explained the Alan Smithee in-joke.
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