Author Topic: Upcoming 2017 Japanese Lupin Magazine issue to feature exclusive interviews  (Read 1292 times)


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Usually don't bother, but if you're into importing, and you got some reasonable knowledge of Japanese, then you might be interested in this installment of the periodical. Via Google 'translate':

【Original 50th Anniversary Memorial】 Tomorrow, 1/31 (Tuesday) "Lupine the Third Great Anatomy" is released! In an interview with Koike Takeshi interview, Kurita Shuichi-san × Damascus Namikawa interview, and Monkey · Punch interview with Professor. There are plenty of contents! # Goemon # blood smoke # Lupine the 3 big anatomy
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would be good if somone could translate it and repost it on a Blog somwere !

Lupus Zeniga

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Cool to have interviews with Daisuke Namakawa (Goemon), Kanchi Kurita (Lupin), Takeshi Koike and of course Monkey Punch.