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Lupin III and the Leblanc Estate
« on: May 06, 2017, 06:55:46 pm »
Lupin III is the grandfather of Arsène Lupin, a famous French literary character. A famous COPYRIGHTED French Literary character. Yeah, Monkey Punch must have either thought that the character was public domain or didn't care at all. Anyway, I know the Leblanc estate tolerated it in Japan but not in other places and that it was a legal headache for American licensers. That is why Lupin VIII got cancelled and why Lupin's name was changed when he did get licensed in an English market. However, something changed in the early 2000s because both Geneon and Funimation picked up Lupin III titles with no change in name.

Can someone who knows the whole situation better explain it to me?
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Re: Lupin III and the Leblanc Estate
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In the late 2000's Maurice Leblanc's works finally fell on public domain. This means anyone can publish his work
or use and reference his creations in all freedom. It is a simple as that.
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Re: Lupin III and the Leblanc Estate
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Almost completely true, Red Dear. Any derivative works, such as English translations, may still be under copyright. Example, The Damsel With the Green Eyes was localized as Arsène Lupin, Super-Sleuth in the US, but after the 1932 1923 public domain cutoff, so its copyright status is more ambiguous, and possibly still protected if it hasn't been long enough since the translator's death.

However, the first several years of Lupin novels and short stories, even in English, are public domain because they were first published prior to 1932. The character is also public domain, as a result, and now fully PD because of the copyright lapsing several years back.
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