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"Island of Assassins" DVD & Blu-ray Feedback Thread
« on: July 27, 2017, 11:36:20 am »
Just adding something to the liner notes. That scene where they're trying to dig their way out? It's probably an homage to The Great Escape. And I guess if you're an even younger fan, then that scene where Lupin interrupts Zenigata in a jet is an homage to True Lies, a 90's action movie from that guy who gave us Avatar. I'm also going to guess the close-up of the dude around 52:36 might be an animator cameo. 

Edit: And that escape scene around the 1:04:00 mark is obviously a nod to the first episodes of the green and red jacket, show, also conveniently available on DVD from Discotek.  8)

Oh, and the animators who worked on that satellite, you might recognize, if you've seen Batman: Return of the Joker.  ;) Also, I think they hired some of the Nausicaa animators for the exteriors of the hideout on the island. And I think some of the Evangelion tv animators designed that control panel used by the 'shadow government' near the end. And the glowing reddish monitor with all the text. And the water with the reddish tint in the flashback.
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