Author Topic: Fujiko voted No 1 anime heroine and Lupin No 2 anime of the Showa era (1926-89)  (Read 13802 times)

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Yay Fujiko! And Yay Lupin!

The era fits them both very well, the 70s was Lupin's heyday for sure. They made it into the Heisei era (1989-present) too, respectively at No 3 and 12, but I'd put that down to how much anime has appeared in that era.

Fujiko's on that Showa poll with iconic anime heroines Maetel, Oscar, Heidi and Cutie Honey, who all made their debut around the 70s. The 70s was where female heroines started to come into their own as strong characters.

Lupin was the James Bond adventurer of anime, a classic hero who appeared before shonen anime made a strong impact. He's awesome, that's all I can say. 

Though I don't know about the top spot for Fujiko I'm happy that both got a good high ranking.
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