Author Topic: Easter Egg in the Cagliostro screenings or crazy theory?!?!?  (Read 13118 times)

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Easter Egg in the Cagliostro screenings or crazy theory?!?!?
« on: September 22, 2017, 11:59:59 pm »
So I saw the Cagliostro Dub at Disney Springs (I was confusing the Streamline dub with the Manga Dub, wouldn't have gone if I'd realized that, lol) and something jumped out at me. After the film during the retrospective that included Monkey Punch I noticed something. Monkey Punch appeared to be wearing a badge or pin on his shirt...of what looked like a basset hound. I didn't notice it at first as the subtitles were essentially sitting on his chest but toward the end of the interview segments I saw it. I So crazy thought here....was that an Easter Egg?!?! Stick with me now, cause down the rabbit hole we go, lol.

Many of us know that Mamoru Oshii once pitched the original script for Gold of Babylon, and it was considered too bizarre and the studio passed though it appears they may have swiped a few rough ideas of his for the Babylon film they did produce. Oshii continued to work on the idea and supposedly over time it went through a drastic metamorphosis and became Angel's Egg; a work completely unrecognizable to anything in the original film in all likelihood. Now if you are an Oshii fan you know he LOVES basset hounds and features them in virtually every work of his in some capacity. I did some searching and as far as I can see Monkey Punch does not have similar inclinations.

Recently Oshii has said he doesn't see himself returning to anime because the animators of today won't work like they did in the good-ol-days. However recently we have seen a drastic departure for the franchise from what Lupin has traditionally been considered. Instead of a rather irrelevant, poorly animated yearly TV special TWCFM, Tomb of Jigen, and Blood Spray of Goemon have shown an incredibly mature, adult, and at points very, very dark and well animated take on the franchise. Add to that Telecom Animation specifically went back to using pencils for the line work on Part 4 to give it a classic look and I'm my anime dream project finally happening? Did TMS drop an unnoticed breadcrumb in the interview that Oshii might finally be taking his shot at Lupin?

If I'm completely crazy lock me in a padded cell with Patlabor II on repeat and I'll be fine, lol.


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Re: Easter Egg in the Cagliostro screenings or crazy theory?!?!?
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2017, 01:50:01 am »
You're probably talking about this pin:

It's a stretch to say it might have anything to do with Oshii. As you observed, Oshii doesn't even seem to care about anime anymore. He's busy making live-action stuff these days, isn't he?

Oshii is like the definitive case of going where his heart tells him, in spite of everything his fans ask for, and in spite of what he has historically excelled at.

Basically, we already got Oshii-Lupin, in pieces, across Angel's Egg and the two Patlabors. It would take a miracle to see him come back. I even seem to remember reading that Oshii was invited back to try his hand at Lupin again later on and he turned it down? I'll need to find a source before I stand behind that though.
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