Author Topic: Lupin the 3rd: Series 2 Box 3 - Jan 29th!  (Read 23109 times)


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Lupin the 3rd: Series 2 Box 3 - Jan 29th!
« on: December 04, 2018, 03:00:29 pm »
Hadn't seen any announcements but Discotek have now put up on Facebook that Lupin the 3rd: Series 2 Box 3 will be out on Jan 29th!  ;D

From the FB message:

January 29th 2019. Lupin the 3rd: Series 2 Box 3 on DVD! Japanese language with English subtitles. Includes episodes 80-117.

Rightstuf pre-order link:

Expert burglar Lupin the Third continues his global adventures in love, life, and the pursuit of treasure! Traveling the planet with his gun-slinging partner Jigen and his sword-wielding companion Goemon, Lupin robs the rich to keep for himself while charming the ladies along the way. But it’s not all champagne; Inspector Zenigata, that ever-diligent agent of Interpol, is always on Lupin’s tail. And Lupin can’t seem to help putting his faith and heart in the hands of the bewitching thief/spy Fujiko Mine. In this collection of 38 classic episodes, Lupin escapes prison with ramen noodles, chases his grandfather’s treasure, migrates penguins, targets a golden bed for Fujiko’s love nest, and many more! Also, Zenigata defends the Mona Lisa from his rival’s clutches. And Jigen’s weapon skills are pushed to their limits in a spectacular shootout in the wilderness! Don’t miss a minute of these action-packed, English-subtitled episodes presented in their original language of Japanese.


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Re: Lupin the 3rd: Series 2 Box 3 - Jan 29th!
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2018, 11:41:18 pm »
Will it have any of the suggestions I noted for the subs, by any chance?