The legendary Miyazaki Hayao directed the most famous and well-known entry in the franchise and produced a film that was a radical departure from the manga and previous film Secret of Mamo. Miyazaki wanted to portray his idea of a "hero" in the film and turned Lupin into a more happy-go-lucky character. The change was not well received initially by audiences in Japan but gained popularity through subsequent re-releases. It has long been rumored that the film was so well received at one point, that it was prized by the Cannes Film Festival. However, there is no record of this in the Cannes Film Festival archives.

The film has received two English dubs; Streamline Pictures first dubbed it in 1991 and deviated slightly from the original dialogue to better fit the lip syncing. Their release also altered the opening credits sequence. A second dub was commissioned by Manga Entertainment in 2000 and spiced things up by adding profanity. This was not well received, as Cagliostro has long been considered one of the most family friendly films anime and the franchise has produced. It also altered the opening credits. Discotek is slated to release their version of the film in 2014 and feature both of these dubs.

Chris Meadows created his own commentary track for the film. It is an audio track you have to manually sync with your playback of the film, but it contains a wealth of information about the film and the franchise.

Japanese Title:
Rupan Sansei: Kariosutoro no Shiro
Jacket Color:
Release Date:
1979 December 15
Run Time:
100 minutes
Castle of Cagliostro Theatrical Poster
Arsène Lupin III:
Yamada Yasuo
Jigen Daisuke:
Kobayashi Kiyoshi
Mine Fujiko:
Masuyama Eiko
Ishikawa Goemon:
Inoue Makio
Inspector Zenigata:
Naya Goro
Miyazaki Hayao
General Supervisor
for Designs:

Yasuo Otsuka
Design Chief:
Yasuo Otsuka
Character Design:
Miyazaki Hayao
Character Design:
Yasuo Otsuka
Miyazaki Hayao
Yasuo Otsuka
Oono Yuuji
Studio Telecom