Japanese Title:
Rupan Sansei: Naporeon no Jisho wo Ubae
Jacket Color:
Release Date:
1991 August 09
Run Time:
90 minutes


While Lupin does enjoy racing for the sport of it, the prize in an antique car grand prix across Europe is Lupin's only goal. The prize is a dictionary that once belonged to Napoleon. More importantly, the dictionary was also once owned by Lupin's family and contains the location of one of his family's most prized possessions. Lupin does not know what the possession is, but it is a matter of family pride. With the usual suspects on his trail, can Lupin outrace everyone to the treasure?!

Napoleon's Dictionary DVD Cover

"Are we there yet?" This is the phrase viewers of Napoleon's Dictionary will utter through most of the special. Lupin must participate in an antique car grand prix across Europe to reclaim the dictionary and the key to a lost Lupin family treasure contained within. However, the ride only manages to be mildly entertaining relying on gadgets and a few comedic moments to pass the time.

The special does manage to get a few pieces right; there are comedic touches that will have you laughing aloud. Save for Fujiko, all of the characters are heavily involved in the plot, and the plot itself is well paced and animated. Goemon fans will also enjoy his sword work at the end of the special.

What works the most is the actual treasure for this special; Lupin knows little about it other than it was spirited away from his grandfather by a neglected wife. When the treasure is revealed, the result is a familiar one but is given a unique twist not seen in other Lupin titles. One has to applaud the writers for producing a fresh ending, but the sum of this special's parts just does not add up to a title worth watching more than once.

Arsène Lupin III:
Yamada Yasuo
Jigen Daisuke:
Kobayashi Kiyoshi
Mine Fujiko:
Masuyama Eiko
Ishikawa Goemon:
Inoue Makio
Inspector Zenigata:
Naya Goro
Dezaki Osamu
Yasuo Otsuka
Hiroshi Kashiwabara
Character Design:
Noboru Furuse
Oono Yuuji
Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS)

Lupin III Naporeon no Jisho wo Ubae TV Special Original Soundtrack

  1. Theme from Lupin the Third '89
  2. M1
  3. M2
  4. M3
  5. M4
  6. M5
  7. M6
  8. M7
  9. M8
  10. M9
  11. M10
  12. M11
  13. M13
  14. M14
  15. M14B
  16. M15
  17. M16
  18. M18
  19. M19
  20. M20
  21. M21
  22. M22
  23. M23
  24. M24
  25. M25
  26. M27#1
  27. M27#2
  28. M28
  29. M29
  30. M30
  31. M31
  32. M32
  33. M33
  34. M34
  35. M35
  36. M36
  37. M37
  38. M38
  39. M39
  40. M40
  41. M41
  42. M42
  43. M43
  44. M44
  45. M45
  46. M46
  47. M47
  48. M48#1
  1. M48#2
  2. M49
  3. M50
  4. M51
  5. M52
  6. M53
  7. M54
  8. M55
  9. M56
  10. M57
  11. M58
  12. M59#1~#2
  13. M60
  14. M61
  15. M62
  16. M64
  17. M65
  18. M66
  19. M67
  20. M68
  21. M69
  22. M70
  23. M71
  24. M73
  25. M75
  26. M76
  27. M77
  28. M78
  29. M79
  30. M80
  31. M81#1
  32. M81#2
  33. M82
  34. M83
  35. M84
  36. M85
  37. M86
  38. M87
  39. M88
  40. M90
  41. M91
  42. M92
  43. M93
  44. M94
  45. M95#1
  46. M95#2
  47. M96
  48. M97
  49. Chasing the Endless Dream
Lupin III Naporeon no Jisho wo Ubae TV Special Original Soundtrack CD cover
Catalog #:
Release Date:
2000 October 21
# of Discs:
Ohno Yuji (all tracks)