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Lupin the Third versus Detective Conan... Again...

Prior to the official release of the April 21st issue of Shonen Sunday, the Lupin forums were buzzing with a leaked announcement of a new Lupin/Detective Conan cross-over that would hit theaters December 2013. The leak eventually was confirmed...

Review: The Woman Called Mine Fujiko

While I have reviewed the individual episodes for FandomPost.com (find them here), I wanted to sit back and reflect on the series as a whole. Lupin fans have for years clamored for the franchise to change, shake up the...

Review: Macross 7 Dynamite

When Macross 7 tries to give Moby Dick a happy ending, the result is the exact opposite of dynamite. This four part OVA is a thin two hour tale revolving around Basara singing to space whales and poachers. Inexplicably, they also throw in a brief lesbian date rape attempt for Mylene; why? I have no clue; it comes out of left field and does nothing to advance the plot of the story or build out her character. At one point, Ray pulls out cardboard cutouts of Basara and Mylene on stage; those cutouts had more depth to them than their flesh and blood counterparts. I think that sums up my opinion quite nicely.

Review: Macross 7

You can probably glean my overall opinion of Macross 7 by two facts. First, it has been eight months since I reviewed the first twelve episodes Second, you will find not one screen shot in this entire review. Rather than...

Review: Lupin the Third: Blood Seal ~Eternal Mermaid~

Not sure how I missed posting this back in December when I posted it to the main Encyclopedia page, but here we are... My review of last year's TV special; click through for the image gallery.

A pair of jewels hold the secret to an even greater treasure, but there are so many obstacles in Lupin's way. The smallest one is Maki, a precocious fourteen year old girl who wants Lupin to teach her to be a thief. But what is her tie to the treasure and the mysterious girl Misa, a girl who cannot die? The secrets behind the treasure reach back even into Lupin's past; will the Blood Seal be opened?!

Review: Macross 7 episodes 1 - 12

I had planned on writing up a review at the midpoint of the series, but episode twelve of Macross 7 ended on a decent cliffhanger to merit a "quarter way there" review. Over the years, I had read mixed reviews of this particular entry in the Macross universe; no one seemed to particularly like it or hate it. However, I was always curious to see how it would strike me.

Review: Kaleido Star Season 1 & 2

Kaleido Star Season 1 Complete CollectionFull Review In Summary: The first season of Kaleido Star is a captivating story about pursuing one's dream. While predictable, it distinguished itself by avoiding most of the stereotypes and clichés seen in similar...

Anime Boston 2011

Another year means another Anime Boston. Jm gave me a pass from the daughter duties to head in for Friday, as there was only one reason to go this year. Why? Well, we'll get to that in a minute...

Anime Boston 2010

Anime Boston 2011 is rapidly approaching, and I have yet to write about my adventures at the 2010 offering for a variety of reasons. It mainly boils down to one simple fact; there was little for me to write about. Though the industry has been declining for the past few years, this was the first Anime Boston where I really felt the impact. Top it off with the usual line wrangling problems the con seems consistently plagued with, and I just didn't come away enthused or excited for this year.


Review: Lupin the Third: The Last Job

A Japanese cultural treasure has recently been discovered in a former Nazi sanatorium. While it is quite valuable, Lupin knows its true worth lies in being part of a key to lead to an even greater treasure. With Zenigata hot on his heels, a mysterious masked man named Morgana and his band of ninjas steal it, also killing Zenigata in the process. The race to the treasure is on; will Morgana and his ninjas reach it before Lupin? And why is this mysterious female ninja and her trusty dog interested in the treasure? Avenge the Old Man, Lupin!

Reflections: Reviewing Evangelion

I am finally starting a project I have been meaning to do for some time. Over time, I've blogged in various places -- LiveJournal, the AnimeOnDVD.com forums, etc. Now that I have my own permanent blogging space, I've wanted to pull all those posts and place them under this one location. I'll post them under their original dates and times, but occasionally, I'll bubble up ones under a "Reflections" post, either as a full repost or just linking to them.

Review: Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 26

Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 26 Full Review In Summary: The long, arduous saga of Inu Yasha has reached its inevitable conclusion. The Jewel is gone allowing Inu Yasha and Kagome to finally be a happy couple. As endings...

Review: Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 24

Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 23 Full Review

In Summary:
The good news is that this episode brings the entire main cast together for the final battle. The bad news is that this could have been done in five minutes; this is easily an episode you can skip, a shame since the plot should be white hot right now with the audience hanging on every second.

Review: Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 23

Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 23 Full Review

In Summary:
The overall plot for this episode was predictable as ever, but it is the choices Miroku and Sango are forced to make that salvage it. It is one of the few "adult" decisions the series has fostered upon its protagonists; pity it waited until the very end to write a good, mature story for any of the characters.

Review: Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 22

Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 22 Full Review

In Summary:
While Sesshomaru fans will love the time given to him in this episode, it is the brief moment where Miroku decides to leave Sango that has any real emotional impact. The end is looming, but the story is doing little else to build a sense of anticipation and excitement for the final confrontation.

Review: Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 21

Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 21 Full Review

In Summary:
This is it; the final sprint to the end of the series has begun. The final obstacles to overcome are in place, and it is now up to our heroes to overcome them before facing the final trial. Not much actually happens in this episode, but it can be given some leeway as it is setting up the final arc. Let's hope the series goes out with some form of a bang.

Review: Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 20

Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 20 Full Review

In Summary:
This episode managed to do so much of what I have wanted to see the series do from the start. Our heroes worked together as a team to fight Naraku and made intelligent, quick decisions on the battlefield. It was a fight that kept you glued to the screen. However, it still refuses to make the difficult decision and let a major character die. You do not just cheat death with this gimmick; you cheat the audience out of a genuine emotional connection with your characters. Still, the episode did so much right that it outweighs this gripe. This is one of the few episodes of the season worth watching.

Review: Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 19

Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 19 Full Review

In Summary:
While the humor at the beginning fell flat, the remainder of the episode finally provides material to leave the audience anticipating what comes next. Miroku is close to death from two different sources, and Kohaku's body and soul are falling towards salvation or damnation. Both outcomes are predictable, but this episode provides an interesting story that makes you want to see how it plays out.

Review: Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 18

Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 18 Full Review

In Summary:
While the plot does not advance, the relationship between Kagome and Inu Yasha finally grows beyond furtive glances and stray thoughts. Both know what their hearts want though they still have yet to give it voice. After so much, it is difficult to be teased yet again, but it was an entertaining, if not predictable, diversion from chasing Naraku.

Review: Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 17

Inu Yasha: The Final Act Episode 17 Full Review

In Summary:
Sesshomaru fans can rejoice as the episode revolves around his growth of a new arm and as a greater demon. However, the overall story suffers from the introduction of the duality of spirits within the Jewel. The evil spirit will stop at nothing to retain its hold over the Jewel, but the good spirit seems content to sit idly by and be defiled. It is a difficult leap to make this far in the series, but it might be something that was lost in the manga to anime translation. And I am trying to not even think about why Naraku has held off so long enlisting the aid of this spirit. Quite the frustrating episode for the story, but it did manage to provide some decent action.