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Lupin the Third versus Detective Conan... Again...

Prior to the official release of the April 21st issue of Shonen Sunday, the Lupin forums were buzzing with a leaked announcement of a new Lupin/Detective Conan cross-over that would hit theaters December 2013. The leak eventually was confirmed...

Review: The Woman Called Mine Fujiko

While I have reviewed the individual episodes for FandomPost.com (find them here), I wanted to sit back and reflect on the series as a whole. Lupin fans have for years clamored for the franchise to change, shake up the...

Review: Lupin the Third: Blood Seal ~Eternal Mermaid~

Not sure how I missed posting this back in December when I posted it to the main Encyclopedia page, but here we are... My review of last year's TV special; click through for the image gallery.

A pair of jewels hold the secret to an even greater treasure, but there are so many obstacles in Lupin's way. The smallest one is Maki, a precocious fourteen year old girl who wants Lupin to teach her to be a thief. But what is her tie to the treasure and the mysterious girl Misa, a girl who cannot die? The secrets behind the treasure reach back even into Lupin's past; will the Blood Seal be opened?!

Review: Lupin the Third: The Last Job

A Japanese cultural treasure has recently been discovered in a former Nazi sanatorium. While it is quite valuable, Lupin knows its true worth lies in being part of a key to lead to an even greater treasure. With Zenigata hot on his heels, a mysterious masked man named Morgana and his band of ninjas steal it, also killing Zenigata in the process. The race to the treasure is on; will Morgana and his ninjas reach it before Lupin? And why is this mysterious female ninja and her trusty dog interested in the treasure? Avenge the Old Man, Lupin!

Review: Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan (ルパン三世 vs 名探偵コナン)

Sweet Lost Night (2008)


A wealthy woman and her son are dead from an apparent hunting accident and suicide. The daughter, Princess Mira Julietta Vesparand, pulls the old Prince and the Pauper maneuver with Detective Conan's friend Mouri Ran. It is up to the great Detective Conan to switch them back and discover the truth behind that fateful day.

Complicating the issue is the wily thief Lupin the Third, and he is after the "Queen Crown" owned by the Vesparand family. When two of legendary characters meet, who will win the day?!

The Joy of Being Mentioned

Bright spot in an otherwise drab week... The Lupin III Encyclopedia was mentioned in the Episode 78 of the Anime World Order Podcast. I'm a shameless self-promoter, but I love it when others do the work for me. You can here the mention about 10 minutes in but don't skip over their great summary of the three series and some decent discussion about the specials.

Review: Lupin the Third: Sweet Lost Night ~Magic Lamp's Nightmare Premonition~ (ルパン三世 sweet lost night~魔法のランプは悪夢の予感~)

37 pictures inside
Sweet Lost Night (2008)


Lupin scores a "magic lamp" and finds it does hold a genie. However, the stroke of 7PM strikes, and that is the last thing he remembers. Finding himself in Singapore, Lupin must battle his way past the forces of Colonel Garlic and discover the secret behind the lamp. But every time the clock strikes 7PM, his memory is wiped clean! How can Lupin piece together this puzzle, when he can't even remember what he is doing?!

Figure: PansonWorks Lupin the Third Green VS Red

8 photos inside

Packed in with the limited edition DVD of the recent Green VS Red OVA was a special figure sculpted by PansonWorks. Dressed in a black jacket, the preview photos for the figure had fans drooling over the possibilities it might hold for the OVA itself. Sadly, the black jacket did not play into the OVA's story; you can check out my thoughts on the OVA for more details.

Review: Lupin the Third: Green VS Red

Thought I would try something a bit different for this review. Let me know what you think of this experiment!

Lupin the Show: Episode 6

Reed Nelson's podcast soldiers on with much better audio in the sixth episode. Yours truly was invited back to discuss Geneon's handling of the third episode of Shin Lupin, Lupin's time periods, and more. Give it a listen and tell...

Listen to me ramble on the Lupin the Show podcast

Lupin the Show:  Episode 04Reed Nelson of LupinTheThird.net invited me to be a guest for the fourth episode of his Lupin the Show podcast (he hates that term though... don't ask). Download the fourth episode to hear us discuss the upcoming Green VS Red OVA and more. Like what your heard or want to beg Reed never to have such guests again? Let him know your thoughts in the official discussion thread for the show.

Review: Lupin the 3rd: The Fuma Conspiracy

Cagliostro is the king of Lupin films, but Fuma Conspiracy comes damn close to matching it. Discotek has released their DVD, and I find it worth a double-dip if you already have the AnimEigo version. Sound off in the AoD...

Review: Lupin the Third Elusivness of the Fog (ルパン三世テレビスペシャル 霧のエリューシヴ)

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On the ocean floor, Lupin is once again seeking a treasure hoping to get on Fujiko's good side. As Zenigata chases them on sea and land, people around the gang begin to vanish mysteriously. The fog rolls in and Mamo Kyosuke appears in a burst of light; he claims to be from the future and seeks revenge on Lupin III for what Lupin XIII has done to him. Mamo hurls Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, and Zenigata 500 years into the past; as two warring factions fight over a legendary shrine dedicated to time travel, Lupin must find a way to survive the past to ensure his future.

Much like the 30th anniversary of the anime, the TV special created for the 40th anniversary of the manga brings back a villain from the first TV series. However, they have completely rewritten the story around Mamo Kyosuke rather than make this a sequel. There are elements from the original story; Mamo is from the future and has a grudge against Lupin III because of Lupin XIII's actions. Where they differ is the treatment of Mamo's time travel.

In the first TV series, there is some doubt that Mamo is truly a time traveler. Lupin finds ways to make object appear to vanish; perhaps Mamo is simply a brilliant illusionist rather than a time traveler. This TV special leaves no doubt; Mamo is from the future and sends the gang back 500 years. While the franchise has skirted the edge of science fiction, it was refreshing to find it embracing it as a plot device. However, this was the only refreshing aspect of the special; it went through the motions and produced a tolerable but lackluster effort.

There were many missed opportunities here. Flinging the gang back into feudal Japan is an interesting concept, but this had little effect on the character's behavior. One would expect Goemon to be in his glory in the era of bushido and swordplay. His screen time is mostly walking around or sitting around doing very little; you have a chance to make Goemon feel like he should belong to the era that shaped everything he has learned. Why not have him feel conflicted about returning to the present, or play with the time travel aspect and have him end up being his own ancestor?

Zenigata is also sidelined for the bulk of the special; he is pulled back in time but might as well have been left in the present and absent from the special. He literally sits in a prison cell and only knocks a few bad guys out at the very end. They did not drag Fujiko back in time; instead, they played with the concept of her ancestor working with the gang. They could have done the same thing for Zenigata or again exploit the time travel aspect and have him influence his ancestors into becoming agents of the law.

Leaving Fujiko behind was the one good idea the writers had; this left the baggage associated with her behind and gave them room to have fun with her ancestor. Rather than using her feminine charms to get her way, Ofumi is a skilled thief and fighter, much like Fujiko was in the first TV series. Ofumi outwits Lupin using her mind and abilities rather than appealing to his lecherous ways.

This might sound like it makes for a horrible special, but this is not the case. It is paced well enough; there were few spots where I felt the story was being bogged down. The characters were in motion most of the time with only brief narrative in between. They just were not doing much that was extremely entertaining. I will give the writers credit for being clever and touching upon the more interesting aspects of time travel, like causality loops. I hope they continue to throw the gang into unfamiliar territory, but they need to fully embrace the concept and learn how to have some fun with the characters again.

Lupin the Box... I had $810

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If memory serves me, I once wished I had $810; fate intervened back in March, when a friend contacted me about a consulting gig. Six weeks of nights and weekend work paid off quite well, and I decided to take a small portion and buy Lupin the Box. Every TV episode is now in my possession; ladies and gentlemen, you may all commence to be jealous.

Boxes within boxes

This massive set is contained within a plain cardboard box with a plastic handle in case you feel the need to cart it around and prove your obsession with Lupin. The outer box includes a message about the 40th anniversary of the franchise. You remove the actual box from the side, and a thin piece of cardboard covers the top to prevent the handle from scratching the box. A plastic sleeve covers the box set and can be slipped on and off easily.

The main box is constructed from a very sturdy material to hold the weight of 23 discs and a thick handbook. A number of people on the Y! group loved the artwork when the first images were available. I was not blown away by it; the art is well drawn, but I find the lack of color makes it look drab. Now that it is in my hands, my opinion has not changed; the anime series is a colorful affair. Why is the box set that houses it just black and white? Is it simply to keep cost down? I can see the effect they were going for based on the trim for the box, but the lack of color just detracts from the artwork and visual appeal.

What's inside?

Twenty three cases and one handbook line the inside of the box; the cases are cardboard covers wrapped around a plastic shell. Other than the movies and one or two TV cases, the shell is designed to hold two discs, one on each side when you open it. Artwork wraps around the entire cover and is tailored around the content of the discs. The handbook has a summary of every episode and movie and tons of conceptual sketches from the series.


The handbook is likely to be the main extra for this set, but I did quickly pop in Cagliostro. It had two trailers for the film, the same two I believe were on the original Japanese DVD release. It is a good bet that the other films will have similar trailers. If I find any other extras, I'll blather on about them in a separate post.

Final thoughts

I'm really excited to have every single TV episode in my hands and in the best condition they are likely every to be. Now, the only items missing from my Lupin collection are official copies of Bye Bye Liberty, Hemingway Papers, and Trailers Collection. I never thought my collection would be so complete.

However, I also now own five different copies of Cagliostro and five different copies of Mamo... five of each! For Cagliostro, I have the original Streamline VHS release, the Manga Entertainment DVD, Manga's special edition DVD, the Buena Vista Japanese DVD, and the DVD from this set. For Mamo, I have the original Streamline VHS, the Streamline DVD, the Geneon DVD, the Japanese DVD from the movie box set, and the DVD from this set. And like a true obsessive collector, I will likely never part with any of those copies.

Review: Lupin ni wa Shi o, Zenigata ni wa Koi o

Lupin ni wa Shi o, Zenigata ni wa Koi o (PS2)Lupin the Third has reached his third game released on the PS2; the official site has teased us for months with promising screen shots. Has this latest entry finally delivered a game that captures the spirit of the franchise? I'm only a few "episodes" into it, but I can answer that with an emphatic "yes". They get a lot right this time, and they even include a very special character I'm sure everyone will love. I've posted a picture at the bottom for you to view after you're done reading. Ah... who are we kidding? You're going to scroll down and look at the picture; join me at the next paragraph when you are done.

First, the graphics, ...

If I had $810...

Lupin The Box - TV & the Movie -I would buy this lovely limited edition DVD box set from Vap. All three Lupin the Third TV series (that's 228 episodes for those playing along at home) are included in the set along with Mamo, Cagliostro, and Babylon.

New Lupin PS2 game! Translation is tough!!!

A random comment in a post to the Y! Lupin the Third group combined with the recent Tokyo Game Show made me check out the official Banpresto game site to see if anything new was on the horizon for Lupin-based gaming. Much to my surprise, there is a new PS2 game coming out in 2007 February. Woo hoo! Go visit the site to check out the screen shots; the site is in Japanese, and be warned that the site will resize your browser window.

Lupin the Third: Seven Day's Rhapsody

Finally had a chance to sit down and watch this year's Lupin special. While I cannot say it was terrible, I cannot also say that it was particularly good either.

魔術王の遺産 Playstation 2 Pre-Order Bonus

Back when the very first Lupin the Third PS2 game was announced in Japan, there was a bonus item for those who pre-ordered the game. It was a set of "Play Dolls" for the gang -- sort of a cross between Lego/Kubrick characters and super deformed toys. There have been a few sets of them on eBay recently, and I finally picked one up for myself.

Review: Castle of Cagliostro: Special Edition

Is this edition really special? Read the review and find out, and then post your comments in the AoD forum.