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Review: Macross 7 Dynamite

When Macross 7 tries to give Moby Dick a happy ending, the result is the exact opposite of dynamite. This four part OVA is a thin two hour tale revolving around Basara singing to space whales and poachers. Inexplicably, they also throw in a brief lesbian date rape attempt for Mylene; why? I have no clue; it comes out of left field and does nothing to advance the plot of the story or build out her character. At one point, Ray pulls out cardboard cutouts of Basara and Mylene on stage; those cutouts had more depth to them than their flesh and blood counterparts. I think that sums up my opinion quite nicely.

Review: Macross 7

You can probably glean my overall opinion of Macross 7 by two facts. First, it has been eight months since I reviewed the first twelve episodes Second, you will find not one screen shot in this entire review. Rather than...

Review: Macross 7 episodes 1 - 12

I had planned on writing up a review at the midpoint of the series, but episode twelve of Macross 7 ended on a decent cliffhanger to merit a "quarter way there" review. Over the years, I had read mixed reviews of this particular entry in the Macross universe; no one seemed to particularly like it or hate it. However, I was always curious to see how it would strike me.

Review: Macross Frontier - 17 - 25

Macross Frontier - 17

I finally managed to carve out enough time to sit down and enjoy the last nine episodes of Macross Frontier in one sitting. While it had its flaws near the end, the series provided a solid, entertaining close. It has to rush to tie up sixteen episode's worth of schemes, back story, and overall character motivation, but it manages to do so without tiring exposition or overly contrived devices.

It is a pity that this series will likely never see a legitimate release in the US; created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Macross, it does not capture the same timeless magic of the original but comes very close. The story does not captivate merely with mecha and female eye candy; it has plenty of that but also provides a solid story and enjoyable characters. Loved this series; one of the better ones I've seen lately. Read on for a more in-depth, spoiler filled breakdown.

Spoilers ahead

Review: Macross Frontier - 16

Macross Frontier - 16

Spoilers ahead

Ranka attack! The thrust of this episode is the government's experiment to see if Ranka can produce a "Minmay attack" of her own against the Vajra. They send her out to sing her special song and see if it can cause confusion among the Vajra. Her song seems to contain mini fold waves, and they do indeed disrupt the Vajra's mental processes. Grace, however, feels the numbers behind Ranka's power could be higher. Sheryl grows more jealous of Ranka's popularity and now prominent position as the savior of the fleet. Alto is now entangled in Richard Bilrer's, head of the SMS, plan to unite the universe through the power of fold quartz. You might recognize fold quartz as the material Sheryl's earring is made from, the same earring that allowed Alto to hear Sheryl and Ranka's song across the galaxy.

Not much to say about this episode; the story is building up the tension once again showing that the trio of Leon, Grace, and Brera are cultivating much influence over the government. It was a great mix of action, plot and story development. We have more pieces of the puzzle, but we are still tantalizing far from seeing the whole picture. With only one mediocre episode so far, Macross Frontier is shaping up to be the best series of the year.

Review: Macross Frontier - 11 - 15

Macross Frontier - 11

Spoilers ahead

It is a rare pleasure when a book, movie, TV series, etc. completely captivates me; the highest praise I can give a work is to say that I couldn't put it down or just couldn't stop watching. Unless it bungles the remainder of its run, Macross Frontier easily lays claim to this praise with its recent five episode story arc. Once I started watching episode 11, I couldn't stop; each episode had to be watched right then to see what was going to transpire. So, this means one big review for you to chew on.

Review: Macross Zero

Mao, Sara, and Shin

With episode 10 of Macross Frontier tying back into the story of Macross Zero, it was a good excuse to go back and re-watch Zero. When Zero was released, it had its fair share of critics; some disliked the use of CGI for the Valkyries and battle sequences. Others maligned it as a poor derivative of Evangelion or RahXephon. And plenty disliked it simply because they felt the religious and environmental aspects of the plot didn't fit the established continuity.

Review: Macross Frontier - 10

Macross Frontier - 10

Spoilers ahead

Well... This certainly was a major turning point in the series, one that ties back to Macross Zero as many predicted the series would. When the character list was first posted for Frontier, every fan zeroed in on the name "Sheryl Nome"; what piqued everyone's interest was the name "Nome" was also used for the two main ingenues in Zero. Was Frontier going to bring Zero into the official canon? Yes, yes it is.

Review: Macross Frontier - 09

Macross Frontier - 09

Spoilers ahead

Frontier thankfully returns to some form of drama and action after a mediocre turn at slap stick comedy. This episode aims in (pun intended) on the SMS' super sniper, Mikhail. During a sortie, Alto and Mikhail are arguing fiercely leading to a nearly fatal mistake on Mikhail's part. Tensions flare, but Alto learns a great deal about why Mikhail has taken the path of the sniper.

Review: Macross Frontier - 08

Macross Frontier - 08

Spoilers ahead

Ranka has a job! Unfortunately, her job is to shill for very large, colorful carrots. But, it is a gig, and there is a variety show appearance coming up. More importantly, she has been accepted into the same school Alto attends. Sheryl intrudes upon Ranka's life once again though; she pays the school a visit and promptly turns the place into a circus of chaos.

Review: Macross Frontier - 07

Macross Frontier - 07

Spoilers ahead

Another major battle against the Vajra puts the Macross Quarter and its crew to the test. When Luca is sucked into a Vajra capital ship, Alto reckless smashes his way in to save him. There, he encounters what I (and I'm sure others) dub "The Red Baron", a red Valkyrie that proves to be faster and more maneuverable than the SMS pilots. Not much to report on this episode; it's all flash to introduce the new threat and rival for Alto. The wrinkle here is the Baron seems to know what music is unlike the initial contact with the Zentradi. This was a fun episode that slipped in a nice plot wrinkle; sit back and enjoy!

Review: Macross Frontier - 06

Macross Frontier - 06

Spoilers ahead

A large scale attack by the Vajra has the Galaxy struggling for survival, and the President of Frontier has finally let the general populace in on the dire situation. The entire SMS team has been assembled under "Exception Clause B", basically a no retreat, no surrender order. But the fight will not be joined by Valkyries alone; the SMS possess the Quarter, smaller(?) version of the original SDF-1 Macross.

Review: Macross Frontier - 05

Macross Frontier - 05

Spoilers ahead

Furious at her entry into the Miss Macross contest, Ozma manages to really piss Ranka off; she storms off and goes on walkabout until she bumps into Michel Blanc. On the other side of town, Alto has tripped over Sheryl once again and is pressed into looking for her missing earring. When he can't contact the person who might have it, she gang presses him into playing tour guide.

Review: Macross Frontier - 04

Spoilers ahead Alto trains with the SMS and tries to earn their respect as a pilot. Meanwhile, Ranka is trying her best to win the Miss Macross contest. Unlike Minmay, she does not win right out of the gate...

Review: Macross Frontier - 03

Macross Frontier - 03

Spoilers ahead

The latest Vajra attack on the colony strands Alto, Ranka, and Sheryl in an emergency shelter. This episode introduces the humorous side of the series and will likely become a bone of contention among fans. While the battle rages, the likely love triangle learns a bit more about each other's personalities. Some might find the comedy derivative, seen in many shows from recent times. This may be true, but I am finding that it manages to work in context of this series. They are going for some cheap gags at times, but it never stifles the story and manages to elicit at least a chuckle.

Review: Macross Frontier - 02

Macross Frontier - 02

Spoilers ahead

The battle with the Vajra rumbles on inside the colony, and Alto shows he has some raw talent for flying. Despite the heat of battle, Alto manages to keep Ranka safe in an exciting chase sequence that features a fantastic homage to the first series in reverse. If you've ever seen the first Macross, you'll instantly know the scene when it appears.

Review: Macross Frontier - 01

Macross Frontier - 01

Spoilers ahead

I was overjoyed when I first heard a new Macross series was being produced for the 25th anniversary of the franchise. While most people did not care for Macross Zero, the 20th anniversary outing, I enjoyed it for what it was and was salivating at the thought of the franchise continuing further. The release of the pilot episode, or "Deculture Edition" as I've seen others call it (officially?), did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm. Now, the series is airing in Japan, including a different version of the pilot, and I'm loving every minute.