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The Rules Thread
« on: December 28, 2006, 10:49:26 am »
NOTE: Recent rules changes are in red.

The rules here are a little more relaxed than on the Yahoo! Group, as the idea here is to discuss things at length and have a good time, as opposed to just posting the latest news. That being said, we do have a few rules and hopefully by bolding all the critical stuff it makes them easy to read.

Also note that I'm not a particularly experienced moderator so I'll probably just privately message you if I take issue with something and we can talk that way. I don't really like being a Nazi about little stuff. Moving on....

These things are OK:

Cussing, to a degree.
No cuss words are currently filtered, but please don't write your posts like rants from a Kevin Smith film. If you let a few bad words slip every once in a while, it's ok. Just don't go crazy, please. We'll let you know if you are. If abused, this rule is subject to change.

Fansubs: discussion and download links (for the time being).
This is subject to change at any time. See below for restrictions on this rule (no Second Series, etc.).

Tasteful discussion of Hentai Lupin manga and H-doujinshi.
If I see people tossing vulgar sexual terms about, I will probably have to axe this. "Clean" doujinshi discussion is just fine. Please do not discuss Hentai manga that is not Lupin-related.

Discussing game emulation for titles released prior to the year 2000.
You may discuss games you have played via this method to your heart's content. We're not stupid, we know how you played it. Console modding discussion is acceptable if kept to a minimum. Please don't talk about bootlegged/burned PS2 discs or anything like that.

These things are NOT OK!

Porn: discussions, images, or links.
Passing mentions of hentai or porn movies/parodies are acceptable. No threads about porn and definitely no posting nude images.

Sitewhoring is allowed ONLY in the site***** / random links thread. If you want to post a link, you have to SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT and not just post the URL and call it a day.

Actually, if you're going to post at all, please take the time to write something more than a couple words and try to use some punctuation and grammar. I won't be a Nazi about this, just use common sense.

Trolling and other such idiocy. Those who do decide to start flamewars or just be general douchebags will be quickly warned and/or banned. This is a much bigger problem on other forums about other topics than it's ever been in online Lupin fandom, thankfully.

Bootleg Discussion.
We don't want to hear how you bought the entire Second Series on eBay / some shady website for chump change. You think we don't know that's how you've seen episode 140 already? You can discuss the content of bootleg releases, but please don't go promoting the bootlegging syndicates.

Links/Torrents/Downloads to Lupin movies/episodes/specials that have been legitimately released in English and are still available for purchase.
Please check this thread for current updates on which titles are and are not off-limits.

HUGE avatars and signature images.
If you need a guideline, try 64x64 for your avatar (which can be animated as long as it isn't a ginormous file) and 500x80 for a signature. People abusing sigs and avatars (i.e., breaking the horizontal scroll for most browsers) will get in trouble. Avatars cannot exceed 150x150 in size, but 64x64 is recommended for not-obnoxious-to-everyone-else viewing.

If you need a place to store your avatar or signature image, I'd reccommend or ImageShack.
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