Author Topic: NSFW Warning (Nudity and Sexual Content)  (Read 7453 times)


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NSFW Warning (Nudity and Sexual Content)
« on: April 05, 2012, 12:08:25 pm »
This series has a lot of nudity, if Episode 1 is any indicator.

Visitors: Please be careful of where you tread if it is not safe for viewing in your situation (at work, others who might be offended nearby). Because of the series' nature, links are very likely not to be work-safe.

Members: Please DO NOT post NSFW images directly into threads. In this case, NSFW ("Not Safe for Work") basically means images of topless females or bare-bottomed individuals or anything overtly sexual in nature (super cleavage-y shots, for instance). (Or anything super-gory, of course, but that's not usually a problem with this series.) If you want to link to something NSFW in this subforum only, it's okay to do so without a NSFW warning attached.
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