Author Topic: Anyone think Lupin's Rasputin is Jafar from Disney's Aladdin?  (Read 2935 times)


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Bear with me on this one. As most people know, TMS was frequently outsourced for Disney tv toon productions like Duck Tales and Rescue Rangers in the 80s. As a result, the Mouse was probably able to get advanced previews of TMS anime before most people. So I would not be surprised if someone snapped a pic of Rasputin and redrew it to avoid problems. Because, other than the thicknesses of their facial hairs, and their skin tones, they're very similar in design.

On a related note, if you check out the vehicles and backgrounds of the New York depicted in 'Siberia, you'll notice that DiC hired the same artists for The Real Ghostbusters cartoon.  In fact, Telecom and TMS are both credited on that show. 8)
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