Author Topic: Vampire Hunter "D" Resurrection has found it's voice director  (Read 3012 times)


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My old partner in crime Taliesin Axelrod will helm the dubbing of the brand new Vampire Hunter D Resurrection series. He has been recently released from a agonizing NDA contract and they are screening something from the work tonight at Anime Expo. on Instagram he writes "
If you're feeling brave, come see me in LP3 at 6:15 tonight for a special announcement! I wonder what it could be..."

This was then followed by the advertisement for Resurrection's Poster art . Taliesin was once my partner in crime and performed cosplay as Goemon Ishikawa alongside my Lupin cosplay for a few years. He's now better known for his work on such anime as Hellsing, Read or Die TV, and the Street Fighter 4 franchise games .

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