Author Topic: {EDITED] Premiering on Toonami June 17th at 2 AM instead of 1:30 AM  (Read 20097 times)


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Re: {EDITED] Premiering on Toonami June 17th at 2 AM instead of 1:30 AM
« Reply #45 on: November 19, 2017, 05:42:54 pm »
Just watched the most recent episode and noticed a minor typo for the title, it was written as "Dragon's Sleep Soundly". It should be "Dragons" instead of "Dragon's" I think? Hopefully this will be corrected for the home video release.

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Re: {EDITED] Premiering on Toonami June 17th at 2 AM instead of 1:30 AM
« Reply #46 on: November 20, 2017, 02:55:22 pm »
Such a project like Mine Fujiko To Iu Onna can't obviously be repeated regularly and a series need to find some groove before trying something challenging, but sometimes blue jacket series feels almost like a regression. Not in every aspects though, but still.

I completely agree. Blue Jacket is fun, but it's also very safe and doesn't surprise you in any way. Even having a couple of new regular characters didn't really change anything in the character dynamics or what kind of adventures the gang got into. I figure that the franchise has been running for so long that the audience now has a pretty good expectation of what a typical Lupin story is like, and deviating from that might be both risky and hard to do since everything has to be back to normal once credits roll.

Never gonna happen, but I'd pay serious money for a Lupin series in a steampunk wild west setting.

I don't necessarily mind the lack of reinvention in this series. FUJIKO MINE was a really different take on the material, and as I recall, was aired in a late night slot in Japan. It wasn't necessarily meant for the broader audience that knew Lupin from the TV specials, pachinko machines, etc. The new series, on the other hand, is meant for that audience, so you can't expect too much of a groundbreaking approach.

That said, now that this series has reestablished Lupin as a weekly TV presence for mass appeal, perhaps they'll try to branch out a bit in the upcoming Part V.

One thing I've always thought would be fun in a Lupin show, and I don't know why they don't try it, is to have him wear all his jackets. I don't wear the same clothes every day. I realize cartoon characters typically do, but in Lupin, you have a character established as wearing a read jacket, a green one, and now a blue one, too -- not to mention sometimes he wears dark shirts and other times lighter ones. The thing is, the character design wouldn't change. It's the exact same outfit; it would just be a matter of doing "palette swaps" from episode to episode to make it look like he's changing clothes now and then!

Anyway, I watched two more episodes over the weekend, so I'm practically caught up now! The show featuring the gang caught in a death trap where one of them was the "marionette" killing the others was fun... the episode with Leonardo inviting the larger group to the "First Supper" was... interesting. So far the overarching plot of this series just doesn't impress me all that much, and I find myself more interested in the one-off episodes -- which is the opposite of how it usually goes with me for series like this.  Still, I'm hoping they'll pull something together to impress me before it's all over.