Author Topic: Red Jacket and Roger Moore’s OO7  (Read 17487 times)

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Red Jacket and Roger Moore’s OO7
« on: May 27, 2017, 04:25:22 pm »
This week saw the passing of Roger Moore, one of the James Bond actors who assumed the role from 1973-1985. Moore’s OO7 was a true gentleman, he never really lost his cool and was almost always on top of things; the missions he went on were exotic adventures with fantastic villains carrying out incredible plots (a trip to the moon, starting a nuclear war from an underwater hideout, etc). They may look rather strange by today’s gritty standards, but back then Moore was a legend and his stories really worked out (some of them anyway). I began OO7 with Moore’s THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, and he and Sean Connery are my favourite Bond actors.

Whenever I see the Red Jacket series (which isn’t really too often) it puts me in mind of Roger Moore. Partly it’s because they’re in a similar era, partly I feel Miyazaki and Takahata drew on the Bond films at that time. But I could see a definite parallel with Moore’s Bond and Red Jacket Lupin, and I would say that works out well. Moore's Bond was fairly toned down and very much played for laughs, which Lupin as a cartoon also did and had better success with. 


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Re: Red Jacket and Roger Moore’s OO7
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It's interesting to note that there's one Roger Moore with a sequence very similar to a green jacket Lupin. The car chase in For Your Eyes Only seems to borrow a lot from the Castle of Cagliostro cliff chase. Not least of all, it puts Moore's bond in the same model of car Clarice (and Miyazaki) was driving—a Citroen 2CV.