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Urusei Yatsura MISU Tomobiki wo Sagase!

Urusei Yatsura MISU Tomobiki wo Sagase!
  • System: Gameboy
  • Company:
    • Yanoman
  • Ordering Information: DMG-UYJ
  • Genre:
    • 3D Action
    • RPG
The intro starts with Ataru and Lum walking/flying to school saying they should hurry up, but when they get there Megane comes running screaming: "Ataru! It's WEIRD! Look over there!" There is a plaque are which says something about a Miss-contest, and what I understand is that Lum will compete...

In the game you are Ataru. You wander about through the halls of Tomobiki Highschool fighting Urusei Yatsura characters like Lum's Stormtroopers, Benten, Ran and many others.

At certain places certain coordinates are given to you. You should go to them and finish any business you have there. You will then recieve new coordinates (given you walk in the right place!). Here's a list and some hints. You still have to play the full game, because things appear only when you've been told the coordinates! - Patriek Lesparre

Character Coordinates
Ran (14,11)
Ten (3,8) (defeat him, then return to Ran)
Stairs to 2nd floor (3,5)
Sakura (1,14 2nd)
Stairs to 1st floor (7,7) (use this one to get to ?)
? (6,11 1st) (defeat ?, then return to Sakura)
Stairs to 3rd floor (13,5 2nd)
?? (3,12 3rd) (defeat ??, then return to Sakura)
Stairs to 4th floor (9,1 3rd)
Oyuki (9,3 3rd)
Rei (5,4 3rd) (defeat him, then return to Oyuki)
Stairs to 5th floor (1,9 4th)
Hennatori (Weird bird) (4,11 on some unknown floor)