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Many people have contributed to make this site what it is today. Without these people, this site would not have the quantity and quality of information it has today. If I left anyone out, drop me a line so I can say thanks!

  • All the FAQ writers out there
  • Andrea Controzzi
  • The Anime Pocket Guide
  • Ken Arromdee and his Anime Video Game List
  • Doug Cranston
  • Marcel de Kogel
  • John Earickson
  • Nicholas Edwards
  • Matteo Fancellu
  • Marat Fayzullin
  • Poon Jacob Tin Hang
  • Wei-Hwa Huang
  • Gabriel Jarero
  • Son Minh Khau
  • Mike Koos
  • Patriek Lesparre
  • Dan Mastriani
  • Crystal McClure
  • Roger Nystrom
  • Richard Mitchell
  • starfish
  • Susano Orbatos
  • Brian Real
  • Lasse Reinikainen
  • Paul Robson
  • Eduardo Rodrigues
  • Joshua Seames
  • Adam Sencindiver
  • Shaun ?
  • Don Switzer
  • Jose Vilca
  • Drew Webber
  • Phillip Yee
  • "Bungiefan" Jeff