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Urusei Yatsura: Wedding Bells for Lum

Urusei Yatsura: Wedding Bells for Lum
  • System: Famicom
  • Company:
    • Jaleco
  • Ordering Information: JF-10
  • Release Date: 10/23/1986
  • Price: 4900¥
  • Genre:
    • Platform
  • A button: Jump
  • B button: Shoot
  • Start: Pause
  • Select: [not used]
This is a horizontal-scrolling platform game. You have to guide Lum to her wedding with Ataru. You start at Infant School, move on to Elementary School, then Junior High School, High School, the Studio and finally the Chapel. Lum grows along the way, until she becomes the woman we know. In the last stage, the Chapel, Lum will be wearing a weddingdress. This stage is different from the others, because you can't fire electricity, and you can't duck! You have to collect wedding-items (flowers, rings, necklaces etc.) while dodging enemies. When you succeed, Lum and Ataru will get married and the game will start over again. - Patriek Lesparre
    Items Found when Jumping at Certain Places
  • Jariten comes to help you; he flies above you shooting fireballs at the enemies.
  • You become Rei and all enemies turn into fish that you can eat (extra points!). You need to be in this state in the later levels to reach the roof!
  • Bonus Game: big Cherry-heads fly around the screen and you get bonus points for shooting them. You can really fly as well!
  • Teleports: you will be teleported to another place on the same floor.
  • Switches: to switch on moving platforms.
  • A red dress works like a shield, protecting you against a limited number of hits.