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Tekkaman Blade

Tekkaman Blade
  • System: Gameboy
  • Company:
    • Yukata
  • Release Date: 12/18/1992
  • Price: 3500¥
  • Genre:
    • Action
  • A button: Jump
  • B button: Use Weapon
  • Start: Power List
  • Select: Pause
You start out with your trusty spear. By holding the B button down for a while, you can throw your spear at an enemy. You must then pick up your spear to use it or wait a minute for it to automatically return. Without your spear, your weapon is a whip with a blade on the end. It can hurt enemies but not as much as the spear. The whip can also be used while jumping to grab the ceiling. The Power List brings up a list of Tekkaman powers you can use. They range from jet boosters to the powerful Tekkaman cannons. While you move around the level, your energy builds up allowing you to choose different powers. Using a power will drain the energy meter. To jump higher than normal, hold down before jumping.