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Appleseed Prometheus no shintaku

Appleseed Prometheus no shintaku
  • System: Super Famicom
  • Company:
    • Visit
  • Release Date: 1994
  • Price: 9800¥
  • Genre:
    • Action
  • A button: Shoot/Throw grenade
  • B button: Jump
  • X button: Cycle through Weapons Inventory
  • Y button: Shoot/Throw grenade
  • L button: Aim Diagonally
  • R button: Aim Diagonally
  • Start: Pause
  • Select: Cycle through Weapons Inventory

This game allows you to control one of the two main characters from the anime. Some objects must be shot in order to activate or deactivate traps. Jump to take objects floating in the air such as keys. The players do not have a visible health bar, but they begin to change to varying shades of red depending on the amount of damage they absorb and eventually die. Pressing L or R button + A or Y will shoot diagonally. Pressing Up + B will make you jump higher. - Gabriel Jarero