Inspector Zenigata Koichi

Zenigata Keibu (Keibu translates as "Inspector") is an incredibly diligent yet incredibly gullible policeman whose life has been dedicated to bringing Lupin to justice. While he has some interest in capturing Jigen, Goemon, and Fujiko, he is really after only Lupin. Zenigata belongs to the esteemed ranks of law enforcers doomed to never successfully catch their man. Originally a member of the Tokyo Police Force, Zenigata was transferred to Interpol to allow him to travel the globe after Lupin. His obsession has unfortunately put a strain on his marriage and his relationship with his daughter Toshiko.

Zenigata is based on a famous Japanese crime fighting character named Heiji Zenigata. The character is a few hundred years old and was best known for throwing coins as a weapon. Zenigata's handcuff throwing technique is his own take on the character's choice of weapon.

Masuyama Eiko

Naya Goro

Naya Goro has been working as an anime voice talent since the days Tetsuwan Atomu (Astro Boy). Lupin fans will recognize him as the gravely voice of Zenigata. He is also famous in Japan for providing the dub voice of Charlton Heston and many other popular anime characters.

Zengiata's age is unknown. He is 181 cm. tall (5' 11") and weighs 73 kg. (~161 lbs.). Other than his ubiquitous handcuffs, he carries a Colt 1911A1 government pistol. He has gone by the pseudonyms of "Zuñiga" in Mexico, "Basilio" in Spain, and "Inspecteur Gaston Lacogne" in France.